The Wealth Weekend

Empowerment and Growth, Hand in Hand

Wealth Weekend is a two-day journey into a world where economics, sustainability, and opportunity merge.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Legacy Week on the Vineyard, and you’ll discover a jewel that shines particularly bright – the Wealth Weekend. As part of our seven-day celebration, the Wealth Weekend stands as a beacon of economic empowerment and networking, curated meticulously to promote Black Wealth.

It’s a unique stage where knowledge, community building, and wealth creation come together, facilitating a deeper understanding of economic practices and their pivotal role in establishing resilient communities.

Day One embarks on a voyage into the heart of the circular economy. The Circular Economy Research Center presents the numerous possibilities inherent in sustainable economic practices. Understand how the concepts of the sharing economy, energy efficiency, waste management, and sustainability can be harnessed to build Black wealth. Gain insights into real-world applications of these practices, bringing you a step closer to creating a better future.

Day Two of the Wealth Weekend centers around the crucial role of hedge funds in community building, presented by a leading Black Hedge Fund Group. Discover how pooling resources can create opportunities and contribute to community development, leading to strong and thriving societies.

But learning at the Wealth Weekend is not confined to presentations alone. We add a touch of luxury to the mix with a Wealth Management Poolside Brunch. It’s a unique chance to network and enjoy a lively cocktail brunch at an exquisite Martha’s Vineyard property. In partnership with a leading Black private wealth management firm, we create a platform to learn more about wealth management, impact investing, and how to connect with their interests and other Black firms servicing ultra-high net-worth individuals.

Elevate your knowledge, grow your network, and become part of a vibrant community committed to building Black wealth.

The Wealth Weekend is not just about knowledge acquisition – it’s about creating opportunities, fostering connections, and empowering our attendees to be drivers of economic growth. We welcome you to be part of this transformative experience, to indulge in learning, networking, and, above all, celebration.

Join us at the Wealth Weekend. The journey to empowerment begins here.